Meadowlands Video

How do world?

The Good people over at Bmusic have put together their coverage of this years Meadowlands Festival  and we make an appearance! 

So feast your eyes and ears on an interview with Jim and Harv chatting about everything from festival toilet issues to medieval instrumentation! Obviously!  and a live performance of “Can We Start Again?” direct to your face from the festival!! 

Check it out! – 

Massive thanks to Bmusic, please make sure you subscribe, like, follow and high five anything to do with them!!!

Big Love!

White Star Liners


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Album Review – “The Years That Slid”

The Years That SlidHigh five world!! how’s it going??

We have come across another positive review of our album “The Years That Slid” scoring a respectable 7 out of 10!!

We aren’t too sure where the rumour has come from about there being brothers in the band?? but we will let that one slide because of  the kind words!

Big thank you to ahalliday at for taking the time to listen and writing about it.

check it out HERE!

Big Love,

White Star Liners.

P.S – ahalliday apologies for the hand written CD, not sure why that happened???? but fear not a proper copy is on it’s way to you!!



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Album Review – “The Rural Electrification”

White Star Liners | The Rural ElectrificationAlright world! How’s it going?

Just a quickie to let you know we have had a cracking write up on our first album “The Rural Electrification” from a very nice chap called Andrew Sweeney. Andrew has his own music blog and he is currently going through his entire music collection and writing about all of it! and our home recorded debut is the 9th offering in this project!!

Check out the review HERE.

If you like what you read please let him know and subscribe to his blog! and we will keep our fingers crossed that “The Years That Slid” will make an appearance at some point? (nudge nudge,wink wink Andy! :))

Take care peoples!

White Star Liners





June 12, 2013 · 6:04 pm

Meadowlands festival only a few days to go!!!


Meadowlands Festival 2013 | White Star Liners

Hello good people of the world!!!

It is now only a few days until we get to play our first ever festival slot!!!

We are excited and ready to rock!!!

We are playing the main stage at The Meadowlands Festival this coming Saturday 25th May and we have a set ready to melt faces!!

If you are going we will see you there!

If your thinking about going then its probably best you go HERE and buy tickets!!

If you can’t make it well fear not our whole set is being filmed and will be up somewhere online in the near future!

Big love,

White Star Liners



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Moonraker (Acoustic Version)

Good day people of the world!!!!

So we have been snowed in today!! but instead of going out and braving the cold we have resisted the temptation of snowball fights and snowman construction to continue our commitment to your eyes and ears by making a video!!

A video for a live acoustic version of Moonraker!! shot in Jim’s living room/back garden featuring next door’s cat and a model of the ASIMO robot (obviously!!). Shot, edited and all other filmy type stuff by our good friend Matt Grover.


If you would like to download this version of the song for free!! just click on “download” in the player below.

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Very cool rock weekend…….

Well it doesn’t get much better than this…The liners have been busy watching some of their favourite bands/artists this weekend.

Gig number 1: Nick Cave!

Harv managed to win Resident’s re-create a Nick Cave album competition and got tickets to the live rehearsal at King Alfred’s!

He made the Murder Ballads cover out of vegetables, icing sugar, flour, matchmakers (mint) and enough food dye to turn a rhino blue. It ended up looking like a child’s art project but the good people at Resident clearly had a sense of humour. If you want to see how you turn broccoli into Nick Cave tickets then here’s two pictures for you…the work in progress/1st attempt and the finished masterpiece…and the actual cover to compare.

Edible Murder Ballads 1

edible murder ballads 2

murder ballads real

The gig was AMAZING, tiny venue, full Bad Seeds set up with 4 piece string section and children’s choir, quality leisure centre décor and Nick Cave on top form.

Played all of the new album, ‘Jubilee Street’ and ‘Higgs Boson Blues’ the immediate stand outs, and then played an hours worth of songs from his frankly disgustingly good back catalogue….and…Nick Cave confirmed that it was indeed him who ploughed into the speed camera in his car awhile back…local legend status confirmed!

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds, King Alfred, Brighton

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds, King AlfredBrighton 2

Gig number 2…Jason Lytle!

All of team liners were at this one and Simon even managed to convince someone that he should DJ between the acts…his collection of reggaetronica has never sounded better.

So after a great set from Aaron from Earlimart Jason came on armed with sampler, keyboard and acoustic and a buddy on extra guitar, synth and harmony duties. He played quite a few off the new album and then a load of tracks from his, here we go again, frankly disgustingly good back catalogue.

Matterhorn’ and ‘Somewhere there’s a Someone’ were particularly good from the selection of new songs being aired. Harv has just realised it would have cunning to have linked the two gigs by getting Jason’s opinion of the Emmylou Harris version of “So You’ll Aim Towards The Sky” on the Nick Cave complied/created Lawless soundtrack…but he didn’t.

Jason Lytle The Haunt, Brighton

All in all a pretty faultless weekend of gig going really and we managed to squeeze in a rehearsal too…onwards we roll.




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Hello 2013!!!! (better late than never ;))


Now it may have appeared that after a flurry of activity there has been a bit of radio silence since our album launch and tour but rest assured we have been busy…thinking mainly…what can we do to top 2012? It was a great year for WSL but onwards and upwards.

Firstly if you fancy a quick read check out this blog  –

We were very pleased to read the kind words relating to our album, which comes in at a very respectable 11 in the best albums of the year.

So onto the plan for 2013…over the coming months you can expect an EP led by Practicing Goodbyes, one of our fave tracks on the new album, and also featuring a handful of brand new songs that we are in the process of recording as I type…well not literally obviously. We are also going to shoot a video for practicing Goodbyes to watch this space for updates on that.

We are also planning on putting quite a few more videos up onto our YouTube channel in the near future. Expect videos for some of the album tracks, a mini Granddaddy tour doc and maybe a few more vids of some covers that take our fancy.

Jim and Harv are also hatching a plan to get new songs out to the good people on our mailing list every couple of months over the coming year…Jim wants to try out some new recording gear he is playing around with so we thought we would try to make it worthwhile and get some more songs out there which we hope you will enjoy.

And lastly…we have some gigs lined up which we are just crossing the t’s and dotting the lower case j”s on so watch this space for updates on that front.

We wish you all a very happy and successful 2013.

Take care peeps.



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